Not just a research company…a research partner.

“Freed Vance Research is a great research partner. They help us with a variety of research including CSAT, Brand Awareness and Post Sale research to inform us of customer insights that allow us to continue to improve our business and the serve the needs of our customers.”

Colleen Sugarman, Chief Marketing Officer
Frontpoint Security

“We have used The Freed Vance Group for over a decade. Somewhere early on, they became more of a partner, not just a vendor. A lot of moderators and vendors will do what we need, conduct a project, send the report. FVR thinks outside the box. They thrive on challenges. They know research, but they know our business too. Stacey, and her team, exclusively moderate all our B2C and B2B efforts. They have been a successful part of the strategy behind our TV campaigns each year. They help us test new product ideas with dealers and they help us tune in to the heartbeat of what is happening in our category. They’ve done UI testing, focus groups, in-depth interviews (both in-person and via phone). They have even gone to conferences and done recruit-onsite one-on-one interviews with conference attendees. If you have a question, they will help you find the answer. Consumers and business owners comfortably engage with them because FVR brings a great energy to the room. Probably the most important reason we use them, they are truly invested in our success. They know how we think and they see our vision. They are also fun, funny, kind and good people. Best of the best!”

Tracey Holupka, Director Brand Strategy & Research

“Stacey is in a true sense, my research partner. She does not merely execute; she questions, challenges, and aligns with your business need thus ensuring the research tactics help you meet your research objectives. She is my set of eyes and ears behind the screen, helping probe and understand user expectations. When I think research, I know who has my back.”

Director, Consumer Digital Strategy
National Association

“Freed-Vance Research gets results. I have used Stacey and team over the last several years to answer key questions, test assumptions and shape digital product offerings. FVR is unique because they take time to understand the entire business context, not just the question at hand. Any firm can answer a research question, FVR addresses the business need as well. Aside from the research and insights FVR generates, Stacey and team are very, very good at handling difficult people and treating all brands, from the exclusive to the commodity, with white gloves. FVR is my partner, not my vendor.”

Vice President, Brand and Digital Experience
National Healthcare Group